Add Extra Network Drivers to BartPE

BartPE is a bootable CD that can be used for computer repairs. When your Windows based computer will not boot up, insert the BartPE disc into the CD / DVD drive, restart the computer and choose to boot from the CD / DVD drive.

The computer can run from this “live” CD and then you can use it to recover valuable files. It is helpful if BartPE can can connect to your network so you can map a drive to another functional computer and then transfer the files from the dead computer to the good computer. Sometimes, BartPE does not have the proper network card drivers for your particular computer and you cannot connect to the network. In this case you may want to add extra network card drivers with a driver pack. This video tutorial demonstrates one way to add extra network drivers to a BartPE build.

A typical BartPE CD has drivers for common network cards. Add a driver pack with many more drivers and gain additional support for Nic Cards from: 3com, Accton , Airlink, ADMtek , AMD , Broadcom, Buffalo, corega, Conceptronic , D-Link, Intel , Level One, Linksys , Marvell , Microsoft, Netgear , nVidia, OvisLink , Realtek, SMC, Surecom, SiS , Trendnet, U.S. Robotics, and VIA.