Build the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. A video tutorial.

This video will walk you step by step through the process of creating your own Ultimate Boot CD for Windows.

What can you do with this ? A CD like this is perhaps the PERFECT platform for removing spyware that refuses to be removed while the computer is running from the hard-drive. When you boot to this CD instead of the hard-drive, you remove spyware off the drive while they are ‘inactive’. This Cd can clone hard-drives, rescue data and reset administrator passwords. You can recover deleted files, find your windows key, test memory, wipe the drive and much more. All Free. No computer lab tech should be without one of these disks in the toolbox.

UBCD4Win is a bootable CD which contains software that allows you to repair, restore, or diagnose almost any computer problem. Our goal is to be the ultimate free hardware and software diagnostic tool. All software included in UBCD4Win are freeware utilities for Windows®. UBCD4Win is based on Bart’s PE©. Bart’s PE© builds a Windows® “pre-install” environment CD, basically Windows® booted from CD. We include many free hardware and software diagnostic tools that allow you to fix almost any problem you will face with your computer. With network support, the ability to modify NTFS volumes, recover deleted files, create new NTFS volumes, scan hard drives for viruses, etc. this project includes almost everything you need to repair your system problems. This project has been put together to be the ultimate recovery cd and not a replacement OS (Operating System).