Build a BartPE computer lab rescue CD / network boot disk. A video tutorial

This video demonstrates how to build a BartPE bootable live Windows CD. This a very handy CD that allows you to boot up ‘frozen’ , unresponsive or otherwise unbootable computers. Once you boot the CD, it puts you in a mini version of Windows and can connect you to the network. Then you can rescue user’s files and copy them to another location on a shared folder on the network. There are over 500 free and commercial program plugins that greatly extend functionality. One of the most useful is a cloning program such as GHOST (commercial) or DriveImage XML (free) that will allow you to clone or image computers across the local network. Now that floppy drives are obsolete and have become extinct, we need another way to boot up machines instead of DOS floppy diskettes. Using a BartPE CD is one of those ways.