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Clone Computers Across the Network - FREE

How to Clone Computers Across the Network

When you have several laptops or desktops of the same brand and hardware specifications, you can create one computer with all the applications, configurations and updates required and then duplicate that master setup to the others.

The time to clone a computer can take minutes compared to hours for a new installation..







What you need:

  1. You will need the most recent RedoBackup CD (free software)..

  2. A master computer setup with all your preferred applications and settings that you want to duplicate.

  3. A shared folder on another computer on the network.

  4. The computers you work with must be able to access the network.

  5. A computer that you want to be a clone (exact copy) of the master computer.

What you are going to do:

You will clone the original master computer and save the clone as a disk image file on a shared folder on the network. You will use that disk image file to overwrite the disks of other computers on the network creating exact duplicates of the original. They will be clones.

Network computer cloning diagram




Getting Started:

Sharing a Folder and Testing Access

1. You need to know the name of the computer with the shared folder. Right click your computer icon and select properties. Make a note the computer name that will have the shared folder.
Here it is Steve-Win7ult.


computer name



2. Create a shared folder to store the cloned disk images on the network.

share a folder for cloning.



3. Share the folder with everyone.

share the folder with everyone



4. Make a note of the path to the shared folder location. Here it is \\STEVE-WIN7ULT\disk-images.

check the path to the shared folder


5. Test Access. Now, go to another computer on you network, open explorer (windows key + e) and type the computer name you created the shared folder on as shown. Make sure you can see the shared folder "disk-images". If you are prompted for a username and password, enter them. Make a note of the user name and password if required, you will need them later. Click the disk-images folder to make sure you can get in.

test the share

Next >> Cloning the Master Computer to a File on the Shared Folder


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